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Albertans Have Spoken: No-fault Insurance is Not Wanted

      Recently, Nanos Research conducted a survey on behalf of FAIR Alberta to hear what Albertans had to say about adopting a no-fault insurance structure. According to public response, it is clear Albertans prefer the current at-fault system and trust the courts far more than insurance companies when it comes to appropriate compensation for automobile accidents. 

To clarify, 

  • “At-fault” insurance dictates that qualified, objective, and fair Judges in Alberta's Courts are the ones to determine injured victims' entitlement to compensation based on the injured victim’s medical caregivers’ evidence, whereas 
  • “No-fault” insurance dictates that insurance companies will be the ones to determine an injured victims’ entitlement to compensation based on medical evidence provided by a physician hired by the insurance company.

Clearly, the logic behind no-fault insurance is a bit circular. 

       Interestingly, Nanos Research also questioned Albertans’ about how much they trust insurance companies in making final determinations about compensation. Over 50% of respondents indicated levels of distrust regarding insurance companies’ decisions. 

       Nik Nanos, founder and chief data scientist of Nanos Research, interprets this data as clear public support for Alberta Courts remaining the decision makers in personal injury claims. However, the amount of opposition felt against no-fault insurance still begs an important question: who is truly intended to benefit from a shift in the insurance structure, especially when the shift is proposed by the insurance industry themselves?   Apparently not Albertans, nor innocent injury victims. 

      One thing is certain: Albertans prefer the liberty they currently have, and so do we. As your local legal advocates, Main Street Law LLP remains dedicated to protecting your legal rights and remedies—not the pockets of insurance companies. 




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