Contract & Commercial Litigation

The skilled lawyers at Main Street Law have years of litigation experience to benefit your case. We are capable of representing you at various levels of court. Protect your rights with lawyers who will work hard to get the results you desire.

Our lawyers have successfully appeared in all levels of Alberta Courts and before numerous Administrative Tribunals.

Frank C. DeAngelis, K.C., B.A., LL.B
Justin G. Danzo, J.D.
Tyler Perozni, B.A., LL.B
Patrick S.C. Hopf, B.Sc. (honours), M.Sc., J.D. (With Distinction)
Eva Forys, B. Mgmt, J.D. (with distinction)
Matthew Stewart, J.D.

Should I sue to collect my unpaid bill?

Doing good quality, timely work isn’t a guarantee that your accounts will get paid promptly. At Main Street Law LLP, we’ve dealt with hundreds of claims for our clients to collect their past due accounts. The simple reality is that the longer you wait to get started, the harder it is to get paid. Accounts that we pursue that are 75 days or less are highly successful. Those between 75 - 150 days less so and those over 150 days are often a difficult collection challenge.

Remember, if your account is not paid it is likely several other creditors are also not being paid. Let us help you become the “squeaky wheel” creditor for your debtor, to move you to the top priority on their payment list.

Claims up to $50,000.00 can be dealt with in Small Claims Court, where the timelines are not too long and the process is relatively simple. Claims for more than $50,000.00 will go to the Court of Queen’s Bench.

If you have an account you need some help in collecting, call any of our Business Law lawyers anytime.