What do you do when you are charged with a regulatory offense or a by-law infraction? What do you do if your property or your business is deemed non-compliant? These legal issues are addressed and decided by government appointed tribunals in an area of law referred to as “Administrative Law”. Rather than having a Court hear and decide your case, Administrative Law matters require you to talk with a city official or a group of people at a Board, Tribunal, or Council.

We can support you in Administrative Law matters before a professional college, with municipal zoning issues, human rights complaints, or before a variety of other decision making tribunals, including the Surface Rights Board and the Alberta Utilities Commission, through our Administrative Law Advocacy services. We will ensure that all the relevant issues are known and addressed; that all the relevant and important facts are presented; and that persuasive arguments are made on your behalf to advance or defend your legal rights.

If you have questions about a notice you have received or need support to ensure regulatory compliance of your energy-self-sufficient residential or commercial property, call us today for a consultation.

Justin G. Danzo, J.D.
Shauna Gibbons, B.A. (With Distinction), J.D.