How does your business navigate the increasing complexities of regulatory compliance? What can you do when you, your property, or your business is deemed non-compliant? What important time periods apply to your claims and appeal rights? What rights of appeal do you have and what are the relevant facts and issues impacting you or your business?

We support and advocate for you in claims before a professional college, municipal zoning issues, employment issues, or before a variety of administrative tribunals, including the Surface Rights Board, Development Appeal Boards, and the Alberta Utilities Commission, through our administrative law services.

Regulatory law is the practice of law that involves regulations, or legislation, that is decided by a tribunal, commission, minister, or other government appointed body designed to make decisions about how citizens interact with government. If you have questions about a notice you have received, or need support to ensure regulatory compliance of your energy-self-sufficient residential or commercial property, call us today for a consultation.

Justin G. Danzo, J.D.
Shauna Gibbons, B.A. (With Distinction), J.D.